Why I Eat

Why I Eat
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A funny essay I wanted to write— detailing my philosophy behind why I eat what I eat, and towards what ends.

I eat to strengthen my body to the maximum

My basic thing:

I see food as a tool to maximally empower my bodily physiology to the maximum.

I see food as the source of power. Thus, I will eat only foods which give me power and strength. I shall not eat food which will weaken me.

The stomach as the source of wisdom

Stomach abs muscles

I consider my stomach the source of my wisdom, insights, ideas, and strength. Thus, why would I eat anything which would take that away from me?

King Leonidas and the 300
King Leonidas and the 300

What foods do I eat, and how do I eat?

My meat pantry and freezer
My meat pantry and freezer

I do the following:

Intermittent fasting: No breakfast or lunch. No eating food before working out. After working out, a massive feast (dinner) that is heavy on fatty meats (beef, pork, chicken, eggs) and with some bitter green or herb (kale, collard greens), and ideally something fermented (kimchi).

Meat-forward approach.

Fatty steak ready for dinner

I eat meat: To me, the best use of money is meat. Even in Ancient Greek times, they used Oxen as a currency. Even the notion of “capital” in today’s world is little based on “caput” (heads of cattle). There’s a reason why sacrifice to the gods ain’t cheap — a “hectacomb” sacrifice to the gods was 100 oxen! Consider how much (delicious) meat that is!

Top sirloin, Picanha— my favorite cut.
Top sirloin, Picanha— my favorite cut.

Why meat?

Top sirloin, Picanha— my favorite cut.

For now, I will set ethics aside. The problem is when we talk about food and our personal bodily physiology, there is too much morality and ethics which meddles with us. Which means:

I’m not going to debate whether meat is bad for the planet, I’m not gonna talk about “sustainability”, nor will I talk about “animal rights”.

To me, these discussions are for someone else. What I’m purely interested in is what foods are optimal for my personal physical thriving, flourishing, and maximal thriving.

Is meat really the optimal food?

Cooking curry pork belly in the oven

Let me start with the philosophical, then perhaps go to the practical.

First of all, if you didn’t have any morals and ethics, and you wanted the most delicious, empowering, nutritious food item — what would you choose? For me, it would be a nice fatty ribeye steak, top sirloin, tomahawk steak — something like that. For me, preferably beef, preferably fatty and nicely marbled.


For maximal macular gains

Another beautiful cut of meat. I think this is bottom sirloin steak.
Another beautiful cut of meat. I think this is bottom sirloin steak. Fogo de chau

I consider the body the source of all wisdom. Thus if I desire to augment my bodily wisdom to the maximum, my first goal is maximal muscular strength, maximal muscular mass, and maximal muscular physique.

back muscle flex eric kim

In order to feed my “gains” to the optimal level, of course meat is optimal. No sane bodybuilder or powerlifter would abstain from eating meat, if their goal was to maximize physical gains and power.

But isn’t there that vegan powerlifter — Patrik Baboumian from Germany? Yes. He is very strong. But the thing is this:

If he ate a meat-forward diet, he’d probably be stronger.

Patrik has proved you can become very strong on a vegan (no meat) diet. But maximally strong, and optimally strong? I don’t believe so. And once again, I don’t think anyone becomes a vegan powerlifter or vegan bodybuilder to maximize their potential epigenetics for strength — it is generally for moral, ethical, ecological, or virtue-signaling purposes. A good discussion I found was with Joe Rogan and Robert O:

As a vegan powerlifter, you can become very strong, but not the world’s strongest. And for our discussion, we are interested in the apex of your potential generic (or epigenetic) potential.

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